Why Choose Age UK Hearing Aids?

Enhancing the clarity of your hearing can make a big difference when communicating with your friends and family or even watching the television. That’s why Age Trading CIC,  have specially selected a provider that can offer you a wide range of hearing aids - at a reasonable price.

Age UK Trading CIC is proud to work with a leading UK hearing aid provider, UK Hearing Care, which ensures that customers receive exceptional service. UK Hearing Care will supply you with the best advice about your hearing abilities and where required best hearing aid technology to suit your individual hearing needs.

What makes Age UK Hearing Aids different?

UK Hearing Care is a customer focused provider and  have developed a LISTEN, LEARN and SERVE approach. Many hearing aid companies are confusing customers, often supplying information that is vague and in some cases even misleading.

So what has been learnt…

  • You want simple clear advice and explanations about your hearing loss and what can be done to improve it.
  • You want an easy to use solution geared to you solving your problems.
  • You want more transparency when it comes to prices.
  • You want the smallest and neatest solutions.
  • You want a high level of aftercare and service that can be relied on and you feel that it should be included in the price of the solution.

Listening to  customers… enables UK Hearing Care to consult with and understood the leading manufacturers, researchers and technologists and sifted through the huge amount of complex tools and choices available. This has allowed focus on a simple and effective range of solutions that solve real life problems for people with real life hearing difficulties.

Ten reasons to choose Age UK Hearing Aids

Personal - help you realise the full potential of your hearing with our four steps to better hearing.

Trust - evidence based assessment provides a complete picture of your hearing ability.

Flexibility - help you where and when you want, including in the comfort of your own home.

Honesty - only recommend the latest technology appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

Choice - You’ll be guided through your options at every step.

Value - Free, no-obligation hearing assessment and low price guarantee on all our products.

Independence - not tied to any manufacturer so offer you a complete unbiased choice.

Individualisation - A tailored care pathway to your needs

Customer Care - always here to help for as long as you need.

Service - Unbeatable customer service including free call-out warranty and service support for life. 


Customer Charter

Age UK Trading CIC are committed to helping more people Love Later Life.

One of the ways  do that is through a social enterprise (Age UK Trading CIC), which sells specially selected products and services, the profits from which are donated back to Age UK the Charity, to help fund vital charitable services.

Age UK Trading CIC wants to provide all customers with the highest level of service. As part of this commitment we have developed a ‘customer charter’ so that our customers know principles that guide us and what they can expect from Age UK Trading CIC and our product partners.

We take our responsibilities seriously and have measures in place to constantly monitor and improve commercial activities to ensure that what we’re offering is as good as it can be.

We always welcome feedback from our customers and views about any improvements that could be made to this.

  1. We offer products and services, developed to help people make the most of later life
  2. Our services and products are competitively priced, reflecting the value of their features and benefits.

  3. The profits we make from our social enterprise are donated back to our charity to provide vital services for people in later life.

  4. We will always treat you with respect, dignity, honesty, and courtesy.

  5. We strive to make sure our services and products are appropriate, accessible and available to older people with a variety of needs.

  6. When purchasing our products and services, we will provide you with information and give you time to decide, so you can explore the options before making a decision.

  7. We seek feedback on our products and services so that we can continually improve them.

  8. We seek feedback on our products and services so that we can continually improve them.


Health & Care Professions Council. (HCPC)

You should NEVER buy a hearing aid without taking advice from an appropriately qualified person. All UK Hearing Care Audiologists are highly trained and fully qualified to practice with the Health & Care Professions Council. (HCPC)

The HCPC look after the professional registration and conduct of many health professions such as Paramedics, Operating department practitioners, Physiotherapists, Radiographers and Occupational therapists to name but a few.

You can check to make sure your Hearing Aid Audiologist is registered to practise by logging on to www.hcpc.org.uk