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Age UK Hearing Aids is provided by Claritas Health Ltd. in association with Age UK Trading CIC

Why choose Age UK Hearing Aids?

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Why did Age UK CIC choose Claritas Hearing as their hearing aid provider?

Enhancing the clarity of your hearing can make a big difference when communicating with your friends and family, or even watching the television. That's why Age Trading CIC have specifically selected a provider that can offer you a wide range of hearing aids - at a reasonable price.

Age UK Trading CIC is proud to work with a leading UK hearing aid provider, Claritas Hearing, to ensure that customers receive exceptional service. Claritas Hearing will supply you with advice about your hearing abilities and where required best hearing aid technology to suit your individual hearing needs.

What makes Age UK Hearing Aids different?

Claritas Hearing is a customer focused provider and have developed a listen, learn, and serve approach to hearing care.

Claritas Hearing has learned that you would like:

  • Simple, clear advice and explanations about your hearing loss and what can be done to improve it.
  • An easy-to-use solution geared to you solving your problems.
  • Transparency when it comes to prices.
  • The smallest and neatest technology solutions.
  • High level of aftercare and service that can be relied on.

Claritas Hearing have sifted through the leading manufacturers, researchers and technologists, and the huge amount of complex tools and choices available for hearing loss solutions to ensure they are providing the best service and technology to their customers. From this, they offer an effective range of solutions that solve real life problems for people with hearing difficulties.

Customer charter

Age UK are committed to helping more people Love Later Life.

One of the ways this is achieved is through its social enterprise: Age UK Trading CIC. Age UK Trading CIC offers specially selected products and services in association with its product partners, the profits from which are donated back to Age UK the Charity, to help fund vital charitable services.

Age UK Trading CIC wants to provide all customers with the highest level of service. As part of this commitment, they have developed a ‘customer charter' so that customers know the principles that guide them and what they can expect from Age UK Trading CIC and its product partners.

Health & Care Professions Council Qualified Audiologists. (HCPC)

All Claritas Hearing Audiologists are highly trained and fully qualified to practice with the Health & Care Professions Council. (HCPC)

The HCPC look after the professional registration and conduct of many health professions, such as Paramedics, Operating Department Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, and Occupational Therapists.

You can check to make sure your Hearing Aid Audiologist is registered by logging onto

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