Hearing Aid Prices

There's more to the price of a hearing aid than the price of a hearing aid!

For many things, the choice to purchase one product over the other comes down to price. Not so with hearing aids, where your level of hearing loss, your particular lifestyle and the technology of the solution all have a more important part to play than hearing aid price alone.

The kind of hearing aid technology you choose is important to your lifestyle and must fit with your budget. Age UK Hearing Aids, want to be clear about the price of our hearing aids and be up front about everything you get with your purchase.

Depending on your lifestyle and your personal hearing requirements, all the hearing aids fit within the price ranges below:


Our range


Price range per aid


Aimed at people with quieter lifestyles. Ideally suited to environments such as 1-to-1 conversations, talking on the telephone and watching television.

£395 to £795


Aimed at more independent living but with limited exposure to complex listening environments. Ideally suited for listening in small groups, coffee mornings, church, theatre and shopping.


Friends and Family

Aimed at the more active independent person, this level of technology typically has some form of noise control and directional setting. Ideal for use in all home environments but also for when there are competing sounds such as walking outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets and friends/family gatherings.



Aimed at the socially active independent person, or someone who finds themselves in more complex environments regularly. This level of technology typically has advanced noise control, automatic adaptive features and wireless capabilities. For effective use around the home, watching television, 1-to-1 conversation, outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets, friends/family gatherings, larger groups, restaurants, business meetings.



Aimed at the most socially active and demanding person. This level of technology typically has the most advanced noise control, fully automatic features, wireless capabilities and is suitable for use ALL environments, 1-to-1 through to the most demanding cocktail party.



For many products and services, the price paid can be an indicator of service level or quality, but with hearing aids that is rarely the case. When thinking about purchasing hearing aids, there are three things you should bear in mind when it comes to the price of a hearing system:

1. Technology, not quality, drives the price

Essentially the amount of active sound processing the system does is responsible for the eventual cost. However, there are many important hearing aid features that are exactly the same whether you invest in the least expensive or the most expensive technology.

When purchasing, these features are the same, regardless of final cost:

  • Sound quality
  • Build quality
  • Warranty
  • Our test and assessment
  • Fitting and ongoing rehab
  • Ongoing service

2. Get technologies you need and avoid those you don’t

Another important aspect is that all too often people pay for technologies that simply aren’t required.

With the comprehensive hearing test and assessment, you will only be recommended hearing aids that adequately address your type of hearing loss. It is the audiologists responsibility to ensure, using the five phases of communication decline assessment that you don’t end up paying for technologies you don’t require.

3. Don't spend more than you are comfortable spending

When given your appropriate range of technologies to choose from, it is important that you are happy with your purchase. Because the commitment to real hearing loss solutions is backed by the low-price guarantee, working with your audiologist means they will find the price and technology that best suits your needs so you get the right hearing aid for you.  

For more information on the above or about a specific hearing aid, please contact to learn more.