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Hearing Aid Technology

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New hearing aid technology can help you hear again

It's estimated that while approximately 2 million people across the United Kingdom have a hearing aid, only 1.4 million use them on a regular basis*.

There are various reasons why this might be the case. Someone could have an older model of hearing aid that they feel is too large and uncomfortable to wear, while another person simply hasn’t received an accurate or thorough hearing assessment and as such, has been wearing the wrong type of hearing aids to correct their hearing loss.

Fortunately, ongoing advancements in hearing aid technology mean that modern hearing aids are more discreet, compact and technologically effective than ever before; packed full of useful features designed to make hearing easier and more convenient for you.

*Statistics from Action on Hearing Loss.

'My old hearing aids were unreliable and failed to help with clarity and background noise in particular. The audiologist gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I have ever had. I made my choice of hearing aid and they arrived a week later. They were a revelation. The sound was so different and amazing. I am so delighted. Thank you.'

Mr R Phillips

Battling hearing loss with advanced technology

Examples of just some of the hearing aid technologies available for modern models include:

The best hearing aids on the market – and they won’t break the bank

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding hearing aids is that the smaller the model, the more they’ll cost you. However, that's no longer the case; some of the tiniest, almost-invisible, top-rated hearing aids are only becoming more financially accessible.

The priority at Claritas Hearing is improving your quality of life. They make sure that, within a chosen technology, your hearing aid costs the same whether it fits behind your ear or right inside your ear canal. They'll help you choose the right hearing aid for your needs as soon as they carry out a deep assessment of your state of hearing and how to improve it.

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