What is the Best Hearing System for you?

Over the years hearing aids have developed massively from the simple horn-shaped acoustic sound collectors to the latest digital devices and there are many different hearing aid manufacturers offering many different styles and technologies.

Recent advancements have enabled manufacturers to add technologies to tiny hearing aids that eliminate many of the problems associated with these highly cosmetic fittings, but unfortunately less in the size often means more in the price. Age UK Hearing Aids are different; the approach focuses on your needs. So within a chosen technology the cost is ABSOLUTELY THE SAME for an aid whether it fits behind your ear or right inside your ear canal.

In order to find out which technology is right for you, the audiologist  must first find out the cause and degree of your hearing loss and of course understand your lifestyle requirements.

To find out more about hearing aid technology you can request the free 35-page hearing advice guide or book a free hearing test with your local Audiologist and they will advise on which style and technology best suit your hearing loss, backed by the unique evidence based assessment.

"Absolutely marvellous"
Dr Vivian

I’ve been wearing the same make hearing aid for about 5 years now at least. I was feeling that I needed an upgrade. So I went onto the internet and did a lot of research, and came up with Go Hear, who had offered the best possible price, the best hearing aid available. A bonus was that they would visit me at home, as I’m not terribly mobile and nor is my wife.

The new ones are absolutely marvellous.