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Hearing aid prices

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Choosing the right hearing aid for you

The price of hearing aids varies according to your individual needs, taste, and budget. Your audiologist will carry out a thorough and unique assessment to find out exactly which type of technology best suits your requirements.

You don't have to worry about style, colour, visibility, or cost. Being independent, Claritas Hearing has all the latest technologies to give you lots of choice, and you get only the technologies you need, and not those you don’t. More often than not, the hearing solutions deliver better results and all backed by a hearing aid low price guarantee.

For many products and services, the price paid can be an indicator of service level or quality. With hearing aids, though, that is rarely the case. When thinking about purchasing hearing aids, there are three things you should bear in mind when it comes to price:

Essentially, the amount of active sound processing the system performs is responsible for the eventual cost. However, there are many important hearing aid features that are exactly the same - whether you invest in the least expensive or the most expensive technology.

When purchasing a hearing system from Claritas Hearing, these features are the same, regardless of final cost:

  • Sound quality
  • Build quality
  • Warranty
  • The test and assessment
  • Fitting and ongoing rehab
  • Ongoing service.

All too often, people pay for technologies that simply aren’t required. With the comprehensive hearing test and assessment carried out by Claritas Hearing, you will only be recommended hearing aid technology that adequately addresses your type of hearing loss. It is the audiologist’s responsibility to ensure, using the five phases of communication decline assessment, that you don’t end up paying for technologies you don’t require.

When given your appropriate range of technologies to choose from, it is important that you are happy with your purchase. Claritas Hearing Audiologists are trained to make sure they understand your opinion on pricing. Working together, you will find the price and technology that best suits your needs, so that you get the right hearing solution for you.
All of this is backed by the Claritas Hearing low price guarantee, so you can rest assured you won’t pay a penny more than you need to.

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