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How does an animal’s hearing compare to a human’s - Infographic

How does an animal’s hearing compare to a human’s – Infographic

We all know our pet dogs can hear things that we can’t and you may have a rough idea of how bats hear. But have you ever wondered how a human’s hearing compares to other animals, such as a cow or a chicken? Well we have spent time researching the hearing ranges of a number of common animals to see who has the best ears.

During this process we have also discovered a number of fascinating hearing facts about each of the creatures we have included in the graphic. For instance, did you know that unlike humans, chickens can regrow hair cells in their inner ears, meaning their hearing doesn’t deteriorate with age? That’s why we have been studying our feathered friends to study hearing loss and develop hearing aids.

Now stop reading and start scrolling below to see how well the average human ranks in the hearing Olympics compared to all creatures great and small (spoiler alert: we don’t win).

Infographic: Comparing animal and human hearing ranges

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