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Oticon Hearing Aids

Depending on your lifestyle and your personal hearing requirements, all Oticon hearing aids fit within one of the price bands; Home, Friends & Family, Social and Active.

Oticon hearing aids start from £795, please contact our customer care team on 0800 270 7800 if you require a quotation for a specific hearing aid.

Oticon hearing aids

The current hearing aids from Oticon are:

Alta Pro and Alta from Oticon

Alta - Available in 2 technology levels Alta Pro and Alta

Oticon Alta Pro and Alta are built on Oticon's most advanced technology, to deliver Oticon's finest listening experience. A range of breakthrough features combine to give you enhanced sound quality and reduce the effort required to listen and understand.

Shaped exclusively for you:

By building up a clear picture of the person you are and how you prefer life to sound, your hearing care professional can ensure you will get the absolute most out of Alta's advanced technologies and personalised features in more situations. With an Alta shaped exclusively for you, you will enjoy further enhanced sound quality and an even better listening experience, and be able to play a more active part in life.

Premium hearing, premium style:

Alta comes in a wide range of behind-the ear and RITE styles – with a colour palette to suit your individual taste, whether you prefer your hearing aid to blend in or stand out from the crowd.

With Oticon's expanded range of in-the-ear hearing aids, you also have the option of a comfortable premium solution fitted to hide discreetly inside your ears. However you choose to live your life, you can choose the Alta solution shaped for you.


Two hearing aids act as one sending sound to the ear just the way the brain expects, giving improved performance in difficult listening situations.

Great sound quality, keeps speech natural.

Fully automatic.

Connectline Streamer Pro can link the hearing aid with 8 Bluetooth devices, 4 live at any one time, making connectivity easy.

Receiver in the ear (RITE) speakers are designed to fit the ear making them comfortable, also good range of power speakers.

Nera Pro / Nera from Oticon

Nera - Available in 2 technology levels Nera Pro and Nera

Everyone hears differently. The way we each perceive sounds and their subtle nuances is unique to us. That is why you will gain so much more from a hearing instrument specifically adapted to your hearing needs and the way you would like your world to sound.

Enjoy the perfect fit for your ears and your world.

Your hearing care professional at Age UK will focus on building up a full picture of your life: the situations you typically find yourself in and the situations in which you feel you could play a more active role.

Once fitted by your hearing care professional, and shaped to your individual hearing needs and sound preferences, Nera will enable you to enjoy all round excellent sound quality and speech understanding with less listening effort.

This unique fitting process is designed to create truly personalised hearing care. It shapes Nera to meet both your hearing needs and the lifestyle you desire, and enables you to interact naturally and comfortably throughout the entire day.


Range of options to personalise the sound.

Good sound quality, keeps speech natural.

Fully automatic.

Connectline Streamer Pro can link the hearing aid with 8 Bluetooth devices, with four live at any one time; making connectivity easy.

Receiver in the ear (RITE) Speakers are designed to fit the ear making them comfortable, also good range of power speakers.

Ria Pro / Ria from Oticon

Ria – Available in 2 technology levels Ria Pro and Ria

Ria Pro and Ria – Great performance and sound quality for easier hearing

Oticon Ria hearing aids offer excellent sound quality at an affordable price, and preserves most sounds in their natural form to make hearing both easy and realistic. In addition, Ria features a technology that synchronises the performance of the two hearing aids.

Experience hearing the way you prefer

All Oticon Ria hearing aids can be individually personalised to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle, and comfort and aesthetic preferences. Every style is both small and discreet, and the collection offers some of the smallest hearing instruments available.

As well as choosing your preferred model and style, you can also decide on which specific accessories you need, such as our latest generation speakers. Your hearing care professional at Age UK Hearing Aids will be able to explain all possible variants to you in detail, to ensure you get the ideal solution for your needs.

Essential personalisation

Ria provides essential access to premium quality personalisation features. The default profile can be finely adjusted using three separate settings. This enables higher a level of personalisation than has previously been achievable in this price category.


Ria's excellent sound quality and the synchronised performance between two hearing aids provide you with a balanced listening experience for good speech understanding, even in noisy situations.

The easy way to stay connected

ConnectLine Streamer transforms your hearing aids into a wireless headset to let you connect to all the devices you need, without compromising sound quality. This advanced tool makes using everything from the phone to the TV or computer far simpler, and more personal. For example, it allows you to listen to the TV or radio at your preferred volume without affecting anyone else in the room.

Versatile and powerful

You can use ConnectLine with a wide variety of devices and systems, including MP3 players, Teleloop systems, mobile phones, and even office phones; ensuring privacy and discretion.


Essential range of options to personalise the sound.

Wide range of styles in small housing, discrete custom aids.

Good sound quality to keep speech natural.

Fully automatic.

ConnectLine Streamer Pro can link the hearing aid with 8 Bluetooth devices, with four live at any one time; making connectivity easy.

Receiver in the ear (RITE) Speakers are designed to fit the ear for optimal comfort.

Full range of features on all models; switches, wireless, volume controls and T-coils are all available.

Power options on all models.

About Oticon

The Oticon story started over 100 years ago with one man's passion to help his wife lead a better life, unhindered by her hearing loss. This passion to empower people in need of hearing support is what drove Oticon through the last century.

Oticon is a Danish company, amongst the top three hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They launched the world's first fully digital hearing device in 1996, and since then have won many awards for technology and design in recognition of their ground-breaking technology and design.

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