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Hearing Aid Fitting

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Hearing aid fitting appointment

If you decide to go ahead with new hearing aids, the next stage will be your hearing aid fitting appointment.

Throughout your journey to better hearing, your audiologist’s goal is to ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible improvement and don’t spend a penny more than necessary to start feeling real, positive changes to your hearing.

Following the results of your free hearing assessment, your audiologist will make an informed recommendation on the type of hearing solution best suited to your circumstances. Your audiologist will take account of your preferences and choices to deliver what is right from a technical standpoint, as well as what is right for you as an individual.

Most hearing aid companies have contracts with certain manufacturers, meaning they only offer technologies from one company and don’t operate on an impartial basis. Claritas Hearing’s stance as a fully independent hearing care provider means that they supply hearing solutions from all the major manufacturers, giving you access to a much broader view of the market and the latest technologies.

Hearing aid aftercare service

Aftercare is an essential part of Claritas Hearing’s end-to-end service, and once you have had your hearing aid fitting appointment, the rehabilitation and support network will be available on-hand to help you adjust to your new way of hearing.

It is recommended that you take advantage of the free after care service to get your hearing system regularly serviced and maintained. This will help you to ensure you are maximising your hearing abilities and comfort for years to come.

The team of expert audiologists will continue to support you long after you've purchased your hearing system, whenever you need them; attending to queries including:

  • Discussing any new or developing hearing difficulties
  • Booking a follow-up free hearing assessment
  • Repairing or replacing a faulty hearing aid
  • Ordering batteries or other hearing aid accessories
  • Referring a friend or relative who is hard of hearing.

Your free hearing aid aftercare programme includes:

  • Free otoscopy - This safe and comfortable test looks inside your ears to check their health and identify any issues, such as wax build-up, which can be easily remedied.
  • Free hearing assessments - By keeping track of any changes in your hearing, the audiologist can adjust your hearing aids accordingly.
  • Free hearing aid servicing - The audiologist will clean and check your hearing aids and reprogram them when required, ensuring that you continue to gain maximum benefit.

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