Hearing Test and Assessment

person having comprehensive hearing test

A comprehensive hearing test is the first step to understanding your hearing loss and will begin your journey to finding real hearing loss solutions.

It is often said that we hear with our ears, but we listen with our brain.

When our hearing begins to deteriorate it also starts to have an impact on how well our brain can cope with listening, affecting areas such as:

  • Our ability to hear and decode speech in quiet surroundings
  • Comprehension of speech in noisier environments
  • Our willingness to cope with the discomfort of background sounds
  • How well your brain can adapt to improvements generated from a hearing solution

Part of the reason Age UK Trading CIC chose to partner with UK Hearing Care is because of their unique 5 Phases of Communication and Decline Hearing and Listening Test. As well as including a standard hearing check, the test dives deep into your ability to listen as well. Simply put, it is a true gold standard for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

As well as providing UK Hearing Care’s audiologists with all the information they need to describe the causes and effects of your hearing loss, the assessment allows them to map the actual improvements you’ll be able to experience with the right hearing technology for you.

The test was designed based on UK Hearing Care research that showed a reduction in failures with hearing aid fittings from over 20% to just 3%! 


Where can I get my hearing tested?

Age UK Hearing Aids want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the hearing loss solution that is right for you. A UK Hearing Care audiologist is  happy to conduct the full five-phase hearing test wherever is best for you: at home or in a location close to you.

If you would like to have your hearing test at home, rest assured that you will get exactly the same test, which includes a recommendation of the best hearing aid for your needs. Wherever you decide to have your hearing test, you will receive a high standard of customer service, including our full money back guarantee, full manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime aftercare service.


Feedback on our free hearing test

“I contacted Age UK Hearing Aids in desperation. My hearing aids were unreliable and failed to help with clarity and background noise in particular."

“The audiologist arrived and gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I have ever had. I was shown a range of hearing aids on offer and how they would help me. I made my choice and they arrived a week later."

“They were a revelation. The sound was so different and amazing it took a short while to get used to them. By the time the audiologist left I had a new hearing experience. They have grown on me more and more, I am so delighted I contacted the company. Their aftercare has also been superb. Thank you.”        

 Richard Phillips