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The devastating effects of hearing loss

A loss of hearing isn't just something that happens as you age. Hearing loss is a serious condition that can affect the way you communicate with others, impact your social life, your memory, your confidence and deeply affect your emotional state.

Hearing loss is a medical condition that can affect the outer, middle and inner parts of the ear and the central auditory pathway. As with any other medical condition, it should be treated by a professional.

How hearing loss affects everybody differently

Age UK Hearing Aids understand that people have different symptoms and circumstances related to their personal hearing loss, and that numerous factors can contribute to a decline in a person's ability to hear clearly.

Understanding what part of your hearing is affected; the causes of it and finding the best solution can be a huge challenge. The path to better hearing isn't and should never be a solitary one. Hearing loss can be frustrating at best; isolating at worst.

Advanced technology that's easy to grasp

Expert advice from trusted, experienced audiologists

You're not alone; over 10 million people* in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss. Claritas Hearing's specialist team of independent hearing experts are able to offer people suffering from hearing loss a personalised level of care, attention and key assessments to determine what stage of hearing loss you're at, how it affects your livelihood and – most importantly – what can be done to improve your hearing.

*Statistic taken from Action on Hearing Loss

Advanced hearing aid technology that's easy to grasp

Hearing aid technology has advanced so much that aids are available in various different sizes, styles and can even be invisible for those conscious of wearing a device out in public.

The fitting service provided by Claritas Hearing will work to your assessment and ensure that you get the absolute best device for your state of hearing, to improve your condition as well as linking it into your style choice. Most importantly, their hearing professionals also educate customers on how to gain a greater quality of life through the use of a hearing aid.

Detailed hearing aid tests and assessments from the comfort of your home

The Claritas Hearing independent audiologists do more than find and fit you with a device. Their team is available to visit you at your home to perform a deep, intricate five-phase hearing assessment that provides a detailed analysis of your hearing activity.

No other national hearing aid company offers a five-phase assessment, which allows them to discover the extent of your hearing loss and what they can do to try to correct it. Their team of experts will also provide you with rehabilitation and support services as aftercare to help you adjust to your new hearing aid.

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