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UK Hearing Care understands that our ability to hear helps define who we are and how we communicate. When our sense of hearing begins to let us down even simple conversations can become tiring. Following a discussion within a group of people requires intense effort and communication can become difficult, all of which can quickly lead to isolation and frustration.Continue reading

Listen to our Radio discussion on dealing with hearing lossListen to an informative discussion on hearing loss with Helena King, Head of Affinity and Product Development at Age UK and Clare Kewney, Director of UK Hearing Care and BHTA Hearing Sector Chair. This was recorded for Age UK’s own radio station ‘The Wireless’. Read less

"I’m really pleased with them"
N Pain

I’ve had my hearing aids from Go Hear for a few weeks now. The key for me was to find something that was tiny, that no one else could see, and I’m really pleased to say that not even my family have realised that I have been wearing hearing aids aside from the fact that I can actually hear what they are saying now.

I’ve seen a significant improvement in my work life. I work in a school and had really started to struggle to hear my colleagues but there’s been a really big difference now. I’m really pleased with them.

The most important thing for me is that nobody knows that I’m wearing them.