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Getting the right advice

UK Hearing Care understands that our ability to hear helps define who we are and how we communicate. When our sense of hearing begins to let us down even simple conversations can become tiring. Following a discussion within a group of people requires intense effort and communication can become difficult, all of which can quickly lead to isolation and frustration.Continue reading

Listen to our Radio discussion on dealing with hearing lossListen to an informative discussion on hearing loss with Helena King, Head of Affinity and Product Development at Age UK and Clare Kewney, Director of UK Hearing Care and BHTA Hearing Sector Chair. This was recorded for Age UK’s own radio station ‘The Wireless’. Read less

"The hearing aids have proved to be exactly as audiologist told us."
Mr Ronald Hesselden

The audiologist explained that his job was to solve our hearing problems. Please explain what your problems are?  Your social Activities so that I know where your running into problems and then we’ll see how they can solve it.So I explained about I have with the television and I also explained the problems when I am in a fairly crowded room when my family are all here; we couldn’t hear each other speaking and so on.The asked then questions if we go out to lunch at restaurants? Did we go to the theatres and so on.When we explained all of this he said “Now I’m going to do some tests in the hope that I can solve all these problems, and he explained clearly as we were going along what these tests were for so we knew what it was all about and he explained that at the end of the day he hoped that he could give us some hearing aids but he couldn’t be certain till all the tests were completed because there’s just occasionally, especially when you get older like I am – I’m nearly 92.  You find that the brain hearing is slightly out of sync and hearing aids will not solve that problem.He was absolutely marvellous, every problem we talked about. He talked about how he could resolve it and so on.He was here a couple of hours and we had 3 types of tests, fortunately I passed the brain test as well.One of the things I liked about him compared with, I’ve had two other private test aids people before. All they seem to be interested in was money. The reverse happened with him. All he was interested in was solving our hearing problem.The hearing aids have proved to be exactly as he told us. They work beautifully, this adjuster works exceptionally. So we’re very happy with the service we’ve received. Very happy indeed.