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Hearing aid batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries from Rayovac

Rayovac hearing aid battery packs cost just £4.50 per pack of six batteries when you order through Claritas Hearing*. These hearing aid batteries have a shelf life of many years and are not activated until the plastic tab is peeled from the back of each battery.

The batteries from Claritas Hearing are top quality and bought direct from a leading hearing aid manufacturer. They are identical to batteries you can expect to pay much more for from other sellers. You do not have to be an Age UK Hearing Aids customer; all are welcome to save.

'On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to express my appreciation of the care and attention you have given us in the prescription and fitting of our hearing aids. I, particularly, have had a hearing aid for over 30 years and your prescribed one is easily the most effective I have had in that time.'

Mr J Stevenson

Hearing aid battery sizes

There are four popular hearing aid batteries. They are often known by their numbers, colours, or both. The different battery sizes are:

  • 675 [blue]
  • 312 [brown]
  • 13 [orange]
  • 10 [yellow]

All manufacturers colour and number code their hearing aid batteries in the same way for easy identification.

Hearing aid battery prices


Batteries per pack

Price (£)

Minimum order 10 packs. Price (£)

















*These prices do not include postage and packaging and apply to new customers only. Existing customers pay £3.50 per pack of batteries. If you take out one of Claritas Hearing's battery packages, the cost is further reduced to £2.50 per pack including postage. Call Claritas Hearing to find out more.

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