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Age UK Hearing Aids

is provided by UK Hearing Care Management Services Ltd, in association with Age UK Trading CIC.
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Age UK Hearing Aids believe that there are four steps in your journey to better hearing and we have separated them accordingly.

Hearing loss education is your first step towards better hearing

Being better informed is the first step to correcting your hearing loss.
Age UK Hearing Aids are passionate about educating their customers and they have shown that, by clearly and simply explaining the issues that matter, hearing outcomes are dramatically improved.

Have a comprehensive hearing assessment

The UK Hearing Care assessment is uniquely comprehensive, going much further than simply diagnosing the type and style of hearing loss you may have. It also assesses if any peripheral hearing loss has led to a decline in your brain’s ability to listen and communicate.

Receive a personalised hearing aid fitting service

Once your unique hearing assessment has been completed, you move on to the fitting stage. Here, the results of your hearing assessment are taken and used in a highly detailed and ethical way. Age UK Hearing Aids make sure to take account of your informed choices throughout and deliver what is right from a technical standpoint, as well as what is right for you as an individual.


The fourth step to better hearing is rehabilitation, and getting access to the correct support.
Your unique hearing assessment, and the explanation of the results, is also a vital step along your road to rehabilitation.

Age UK Hearing Aids believe hearing loss doesn't have to be a problem with the right advice and hearing aid

The ability to hear is something we can take for granted, so when it gets worse it can affect our confidence. Quite often hearing loss is gradual and it might take years before it becomes a serious issue.

When your hearing loss is resolved it can give you a new lease of life – whether it's waking up to the dawn chorus, sharing a secret with a grandchild or getting absorbed in a lecture or debate.

Don't delay, take your first step to better hearing today and contact Age UK Hearing Aids.

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When you are looking for a solution to your hearing difficulties you can rely on Age UK Hearing Aids.

The Age UK Trading CIC has teamed up with leading hearing specialists, UK Hearing Care to bring you a complete service that will make solving your hearing difficulties easier and more effective than ever before. This service is called Age UK Hearing Aids. Age UK Hearing Aids have transformed the lives of thousands of people allowing them to look forward to clearer hearing through the offer of best in class hearing tests and independent hearing aid advice and supply.

Age UK Hearing Aids will guide you through the process from start to finish – whether that's a hearing test in the comfort of your own home, or at a location close to you.

UK Hearing Care's highly trained audiologists will begin with a unique hearing assessment, which goes much further than a standard PTA hearing test. They will take the time to carefully understand your needs (such as the situations and environments where you have the most difficulty hearing) using their full range of evidence-based clinical assessments and patient-centred questionnaires.

You will be given clear and simple advice and explanations about your hearing loss and what can be done to correct it. The audiologist will give you an unbiased idea of your choices and the types of hearing loss – whether that's getting a free hearing aid from the NHS or a bespoke option tailored to your personal needs supplied by UK Hearing Care.

Age UK Hearing Aids audiologists and support team are always on hand to help ensure you are satisfied. They will guide you every step of the way so that you can make an informed choice on the hearing solution that suits your needs, tastes, lifestyle and budget – and they will be there for as long as you need their help.

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